Air - Sit & Stand Desks Now Available!

Air - Sit & Stand Desks Now Available!

Aug 10, 2017

Sitting down on the job used to be the privilege of office workers over their factory counterparts. Now considerable health risks associated with sedentary working in modern offices have been identified.

Dynamic’s new Air Sit & Stand desking system combats the 21st Century ticking time bomb by providing a stylish multi height desking solution in a variety of sizes at a stunning price.

Air features some sophisticated elements usually associated with higher priced models. A safety stop function prevents any damage or injury potential from moving desk tops, and an electronic raise/lower button incorporates a memory facility. This enables easy multi person use, giving multiple users a way of going directly to the preferred starter height, or for one user to go directly to their favourite stand and seating positions. The tri telescopic leg frames come in white and silver. There are multiple top sizes to provide total flexibility in the workspace.

Wellbeing commentators and health professionals have noted that working at Sit & Stand variable height desks can reduce musculoskeletal pain by 54% and boost productivity by 42%. They note that fatigue, confusion and tension are lessened by the new style working. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression have all been cited as conditions that can be positively affected by Sit/Stand.

Dynamic’s mission to bring design and quality build products into the tighter budgets arena means it has designed in various premium product features at a budget beating price. It is ideal for those who want to achieve the health and efficiency benefits of Sit/Stand, without the impact on budgets.


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