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Carolina Reaper Chilli Challenge

Sep 24, 2019



Dynamic's hot new video goes head-on against the fearsome 'Carolina Reaper Chilli' where 9 members of our team take on the 1,600,000 Scoville scale chilli chip challenge! To put it into perspective, your average jalapeño ranks in at 2,500 on the Scoville scale, so to say the Carolina Reaper is hot would be an understatement.
But it's all for fun and to hopefully raise some money for a good cause, Any money donated will be going straight into buying food, clothes, bedding and more for the vulnerable people living in the streets.
it's becoming increasingly colder as winter quickly approaches, Dynamic is doing all it can to help and you can help too by donating a small amount to a good cause.

Visit our GoFundMe page Here


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