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Nov 9, 2020





Dear Dynamic Customer,
The world is currently a volatile climate, as we enter a second national lockdown and news of the Coronavirus continues to spread throughout news outlets, our personal lives and businesses.

Normal, everyday practices have again been called into question and we are all being advised to socially distance and act responsibly in an attempt to minimise the spread of Coronavirus

You are probably very aware and likely to be personally affected by Government advice on the economy. Non-essential entities are being restricted in an effort to reduce risk and the nature of every business (and their purpose) is rightfully so being called into question.

At Dynamic Office Solutions we understand the very real risks that the Coronavirus presents and on a daily basis we ask ourselves the question: “Are our products and services truly essential during this time.”

After much consideration (which is on-going) we have chosen to remain active and share our reasons with you below:

Key Worker & Services Support
The increased pressure on our National Health Service has led to an immediate need of support for healthcare centres – both existing and new temporary spaces.

Due to the increased presence and footfall within these locations, these centres need fixtures and updated spaces to help maintain their productivity.

During this outbreak we have so far supplied into multiple locations and will continue to support the NHS industry, and ancillary businesses, whilst they do their vital  job of keeping us safe.

Domestic/Remote Working
While social distancing restrictions are limiting our economy and affecting our day to day workplaces and activity, our government has taken extraordinary steps to support the economy, with lots of initiatives and assistance schemes announced.

Never a beaten spirit, as a nation we feel it is our responsibility to keep productivity levels to a maximum – where it is possible to safely do so. This explains the recent surge in requirements for home user/remote workspace setups, for which we are happy to be in position to support.

Large Stocks
Whilst forecasting can be incredibly challenging, during these unprecedented times, at Dynamic we are happy to report that overall stock levels remain healthy, with considerable stock depth still available. At Dynamic we now have a record amount of stock in production and available from our centrally located Midlands warehouse facilities. We continue to safely supply our resellers and customers on a daily basis with the fastest selling seating, furniture, protective screens and presentational products. 

In addition to our ample stock levels we are happy to confirm that our usual, industry leading service levels remain largely unaffected and we continue to offer the following: 

• Free Dropship (Direct to consumer) delivery
• Next Day services
• Pre-build services
• Installation services (subject to pre-qualification)
• Bespoke upholstery

Safety Measures
As mentioned, we understand the very real risks of Coronavirus and through careful consideration we continue to operate. This decision is constantly under review and we will do our best to support our health service and other key services responsibly. Extensive reviews and measures have taken place to ensure that we operate in the safest and most responsible possible manner.

As we see a surge in the need for our services, we will continue to act responsibly and in accordance with government and World Health Organisation guidelines. 

Thank you for your continued support and efforts during these testing times. If you need any additional advice on how you can stay operational please get in touch with our team.

Take care,

Carl Verlander
Managing Director

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