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Employee Interview with our Transport & Logistics Supervisor 'Gary.'

Apr 22, 2021




       Our Logistics & Transport team pictured left to right: Luke, Gary & Ieva


What is your role here at Dynamic?

My role is Supervisor for Transport/Logistics, day to day I look after and ensure the smooth running of the vans, drivers and the logistics team.


When and why did you join Dynamic?
I joined Dynamic on 19th January 2015. I knew someone who worked at Dynamic, I had been made redundant from my last job and I was looking for a new challenge and a place where I could grow, Dynamic has allowed me to do this.


What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy spending time with my family. I used to do tenpin bowl for the county and in leagues, but now enjoy going to watch the Saints Rugby team in Northampton and at Twickenham. I also enjoy watching Football. Liverpool 0 Everton 2 (I must add).

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Not been aboard a lot but I would like to go to America at some point. But I do like UK holidays and Great Yarmouth.

What was the last thing you googled?
Saints Rugby Shop.


What is your favourite film?

This should be top 3 films as it is hard to pick a favourite one as there is so many. 1st; All the Rocky films. 2nd; All the Rambo films. 3rd; All 4 Lethal Weapon films. Basically, all action films.

Do you have any pets?
No, I used to have a dog, but due to renting sadly I had to rehome them to a good home due to renting.

What was the last TV show you binge watched?

The Last Dance (Michael Jordan Documentary).

What positive things have you taken from lockdown?
Lockdown has given me the chance to get more things done around the house, relax more at the weekend.

What would your desert island meal be?
Starter: Garlic Mushrooms.
Main: Full Mix Grill.
Dessert: Plain Cheesecake and Ice Cream.
Drink: Coors Light (or any lager).


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