Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Carl Verlander

Managing Director

Adam Hemmings

General Manager

David Orr

Head of Strategy

George Kourti

Sales Director

Neil Verlander

Regional Sales Manager

Laura Burton

Personal Assistant

Nicola Speers

HR Manager

Josh Brul

Sales And Marketing Manager

Steph Halstead

Office Manager

Rob Marsh

Head of Operations and Logistics

Jess Clarke

Customer Relations Manager

Anya Hartgroves

Outbound Sales

Emily Brown

Key Account Manager

Rosie Whitmore

Key Account Specialist

Vicki Harvey

Customer Service Manager

Theresa Gahan

Key Account Specialist

Laura Bennetts


Luke Murray

Operational Trainer

Matthew James

Transport Manager

Dorota Cermanova

Transport Team Leader

Marija Ivanesku

Pick Administrator

Valeria Ciudin

Transport Administrator

Charles Doherty

Graphic Designer

Sean Goodman




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