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The Big 2021 Bounce Back

Dec 4, 2020


Dynamic Info


A Strategy for the Big 2021 Bounce Back


Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures.  The triple peril to business certitude of Brexit, Covid and the fallout from a uniquely volatile US election is challenging millions of companies globally.

We see these challenges as opportunities.  Economic pundits tell us there will be a big bounce back* in demand in 2021.  We all need to be ready!

For that reason, we have created a new pricing model that ensures we can improve on the service excellence that has not missed be beat from when the Coronavirus crisis commenced at the start of 2020.

We are also ensuring we invest in extra stockholding, space, people, hardware and software to provide an even more remarkable partnership to you next year.

In a bid to combat some of the uncertainties Dynamic has undertaken a forensic review of all its sourcing, overhead and general commercials during the year.

Under its “Solid Trading” ™ programme it has created a pricing model targeted at the positive bounce back trading in 2021.

The review of our business and pricing has a mix of results.  Some products have cost reductions, some are static and some increase.  Where there are increases, we make no apology – we promise you it is not margin building.  It is our way to guarantee we provide service excellence from a strong commercial stance.

Service brilliance demands investment.  And where is the value of saving on cost pricing if there is no stock or a poor customer experience?

Covid and Brexit first started to create pressures back in Q2 of 2020.  Dynamic held its pricing throughout 2020 despite these pressures to help its customers in exceptional times.

There are now the unrivalled implications of the US election giving us one-off conditions demanding comprehensive engagement.

“Solid Trading”™ has meant we can continue the outstanding service values our customers tell us they prize so much.  Our buying power has also helped us keep cost price changes to a minimum.  We have secured all of this without any detriment to product or service quality.

We look forward to working with you in 2021 and beyond.  We will all be working with you in more positive times to extend business success, jobs and our involvement in the general UK economy.

For more detailed information of “Solid Trading”™ click the badge below.

*Who is talking about bounce back?  Please see the Solid Trading statement for the independent sources of that statement.


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