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Wellbeing has a healthy future and the best is yet to come.

Jan 1, 2018

 Darryl Brunt, UK and Ireland sales and marketing director, Fellowes Health and wellbeing is big business.
Globally, it is said to be worth in excess of $4.2tn per year, with spend
on workplace wellbeing across Europe exceeding 14.7bn euros.
That’s an increase of 1.4bn euros in the last three years. But, whilst big numbers are something for us all to get excited about, is 
workplace wellbeing really living up to expectations for the office products industry?
Fellowes Brands is confidently predicting a healthy future for its workspace wellbeing solutions. The trend is
now gathering momentum and transitioning into a massive opportunity for the office products channel. What started out
as the odd lunchtime walk, and a courtesy bowl of fruit in the office, has developed into a full-on commitment to workplace
wellbeing for many progressive UK companies.
They understand that happy, healthy and motivated employees are more productive and less likely to leave for
pastures new or be absent from work through illness. That’s precisely why they’re putting weight behind workplace
wellbeing policies and initiatives to attract and retain top  talent – and keep them performing to optimum levels.

Findings from the Fellowes’s latest commissioned research confirm that this trend is going to be anything but short-lived.
A healthy workforce is a productive workforce, and improving productivity and performance are the main reasons
why most UK businesses are focusing on workplace wellbeing.
Other factors include improving morale and reducing sick leave caused by bad working habits – especially those
connected with poor posture and inactivity whilst working at a static desk. The research also confirms that most organisations
are planning to spend more on health and wellbeing products than they’ve ever done, and 66% of those interviewed expect
to make large increases over the next two years.

Yet, despite all the publicity that’s being generated around the topic of health and wellbeing, the research has
identified that customers are looking for more than just a product to solve a problem; they’re seeking expert advice
and a professional service – with over a third of them feeling ill-informed on the solutions available and the help that’s
out there.
Wellbeing has a healthy future and the best is yet to come. Businesses and employees recognise its importance;
they’re adopting it as an essential strategy and planning to spend more on it than they’ve ever done before. So, rather
than being a passing fad, I’d say workplace wellbeing is here to stay – for better, not worse.

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